The wonder of Chiropractic started with a deaf janitor whose
hearing was restored.  Harvey Lillard was the first person to
receive a Chiropractic adjustment from the hands of D.D. Palmer.

"On September 18, 1895 Harvey Lillard called upon me. He was so
deaf for seventeen years that he could not hear the noises on the
street.  Mr. Lillard informed me that he was in a cramped position
and felt something give way...I replaced the displaced vertebra by
one move, which restored his hearing." - D.D. Palmer
D.D. Palmer was the first to "light the candle" of chiropractic.
He was a brilliant, self-made man and prior to his discovery of
chiropractic was a successful healer.  No one before him had made
the connection between the nerve system, spine and proper body
function.  Although the first chiropractic adjustment was performed
in Davenport, Iowa that September of 1895, the principle of
chiropractic was apparent to him before.
The benefits of chiropractic that the world today enjoys is due
to this man who withstood mockery, harsh opposition, even great
injustice to pass on the principles and practice of chiropractic.
B.J. Palmer was the son of D.D. and became a chiropractor
himself at an early age.  He was also a very intelligent and
driven man, and can be credited with the survival and
expansion of chiropractic.  He was president of the Palmer
School of Chiropractic from 1906 until his death in 1961.  
He was the one who started specific upper neck adjusting
in the 1930s.
He is known as the "Developer" of Chiropractic for the tireless
work he did in furthering the understanding and teaching of
chiropractic principles and practice.

Explaining Chiropractic and its benefits first requires talking about what keeps you alive.
You cut your finger and with time your body heals it.  You contract a virus and with time
your body fights it off.  These are two examples of the fact that your body has the ability
to heal itself.  You have what we chiropractors call an "inborn intelligence" that constantly
works to monitor, coordinate and properly control ALL body functions.  This inner wisdom
does this from the time of conception to the moment of passing on.  It is always
"on the job" - whether you are awake or asleep.  There are trillions of cells in your body.   
Each cell and all body functions are under the direct or indirect control of this inner
wisdom. However, in order for everything to work like it is supposed to, this inner
intelligence needs a way to receive and send messages between your brain and body.
The nerve system is absolutely amazing!  It is the very first "system" [nerve, muscle,
skeletal, circulatory, digestive, hormone, etc] to develop in utero.  That makes sense
because there needs to be communication pathways present for everything else to
develop in the right place at the right time.  Your nerve system is made up of your brain,
spinal cord, and all the nerves that exit between the spinal bones going to all the organs
and limbs of your body.  See these pictures below - nerves are present virtually
Your inborn intelligence is always working to make and keep your body working its best
and it uses your nerve system to conduct messages. It makes sense that if there is nothing
getting in the way of these messages then your body is going to express 100% life, which
automatically brings with it better health.  

Why is your head encased in solid bone? To protect your brain!
Why is your spine a bony column? To protect your spinal cord and spinal nerves!
Your spine is segmented into separate units so
that there is space between the vertebrae
(spinal bones) for the spinal nerves to go from
the spinal cord to your body.  This also allows
for movement.  On the left is a side view.
You can see how the  vertebrae line up, and
the holes through which the nerves come out.
If the bones of the spine line up, then the holes between
the bones line up and the spinal nerves passing through
these holes are protected.  In this case, the nerve
messages pass freely back and forth between your brain
and body.  This allows your inborn intelligence to run
things like a high performance race car all tuned up.  
On the right is what a misaligned spine looks like.  As a result of the
vertebrae not lining up, the holes between the bones are changed.
This causes compression, stretching or irritation of the very delicate
nerve passing through.  What happens?  The nerve message that is
passing through does not get through the way it was supposed to.  
This is serious because these messages are regulating all your body
functions!! Since the whole spine is misaligned, every spinal nerves
could be irritated, and virtually every part of your body affected!!
When a spine is misaligned and nerve irritation results, we chiropractors call this
SUBLUXATION (Sub-lucks-a-shun).  It simply means this:
nerve interference due to spinal misalignment.  

The true purpose of chiropractic is to eliminate any "blocks" to nerve messages that occurs when the
spine misaligns.  The reason it is so important to remove these "blocks" is because the nerve messages
are what is keeping your body alive.  Interference with nerve communication results in your body
not working properly and a body not working right moves away from health towards sickness.

Chiropractic makes sure that your body is working at its best.  Every person under every
circumstance functions better with proper nerve function and spinal alignment!

Don't you want that for you and your family?