Does it hurt?
No. The NUCCA method is extremely gentle. Many people do not know the doctor is adjusting them as he does it.  
You will only feel a light touch on the side of your neck.

How long will it take?
The first two appointments each take approximately one hour. Further appointments take less time, ie 10-15 minutes.

Do I have to have X-rays?
Yes. X-rays are an integral part of the measurements that Dr. Rodd takes in order to understand your specific
misalignment. Think of them as a blueprint. Without them we would not be able to adjust you with any degree of
precision. Do not be concerned about the radiation as it is an extremely low level-in fact one dental x-ray is more
than 20 times the exposure of one of our x-rays.

Why do I need maintenance care?
Maintenance care is important because it keeps your brain and body communicating freely and clearly. Physical,
chemical and mental/emotional stresses will continue to affect you. Most of us still retain old habits that were causing
part of the stress load. No one holds an adjustment correctly forever. Making sure that your spine is kept properly
aligned will support optimal body function.

My back doesn’t hurt and I don’t have any symptoms, so I don’t need to come in for care, right?
Wrong! Chiropractic is not about your back, it is about your LIFE!! You do not have pain receptors in your spinal
cord and so by the time you feel symptoms you have already been out of alignment(subluxated) for a while.
Remember, regardless of how you feel, when you are out of alignment, your body cannot function at its natural peak

Should children be checked for subluxations?
Absolutely! The birth process itself can cause the first subluxation. Also, there is no more active time in life than
childhood; it is a physically demanding stage of life. Learning to master most activities, walking, climbing, bicycle
riding, skateboarding, and so on, leads to many falls, bumps, etc. These can cause subluxations to start and set the
stage for a life of performing at less than your peak. Everyone benefits from clear communication between brain and
body. A check for subluxation takes less than five minutes. Why not make sure your child is growing up balanced?

Can the NUCCA chiropractic method help diseases such as cancer, ulcers, heart problems, high blood
pressure, or chronic fatigue?
No. The NUCCA chiropractic adjustment method is offered to help you create your own health, not to treat disease
or its symptoms. We do not claim to cure any specific problems. What we do promise is that keeping yourself well
adjusted and allowing your body and brain to communicate freely and clearly through your nerve system will help
you to achieve your peak performance and enjoy your life more fully. It will give your body the best possible chance
to heal itself.  Regardless of symptoms or conditions, every person will function better with a good nerve supply!

I have been looking for a specialist or Doctor to help me get over my pain since my first pregnancy in 2004. I
have had continuous hip, back, leg, and sciatic nerve pain, and migraines (which was really bad during and after
my third pregnancy). In addition, I began to have a short leg, which was very uncomfortable. I was only 29 years
old at the time I had my third child, so I became very concerned about my health. It affected my daily activities—
work, home, hobbies, and even my family. I did not want to live the rest of my life in pain and not being able to
attend to my three children for long periods. My doctor told me that I will get better with exercise, but I always
questioned, “How do I do exercise when I can’t even move or stand/sit for more than 5-10 minutes?”. I started
asking around for a good physical therapist or chiropractor. It was summer of 2010 when I finally heard of
NUCCA Chiropractic. I saw a massage therapist who recommended Dr. Rodd. Of course, I researched and thought
for a long time and finally decided to give it a try.
My husband (who was with me at my visit) and I laughed and questioned Dr. Rodd’s technique, after my
adjustment with Dr. Rodd because I felt little physical contact during the adjustment. His technique was just
way different from any other chiropractor I have seen. However, an hour later at home, I started to feel burning
in my neck area and I just knew something was working. A few more adjustments from Dr. Rodd, and I definitely
started to see the difference. I had less pain and was able to stand up a little longer, at least 15-30minutes. I was
able to stand straight up with both feet together without feeling uncomfortable and lopsided.
Now a year later, I am down to one adjustment a month and feeling so much better. I am able to do my daily
activities again without pain. I am able to walk, stand and sit for longer periods. My migraines are much better
now as well. My mom and husband are quite surprised at how much I have improved in the last year. They used
to hear me complain all the time, where my mom became very worried and started to seek help for me. I am not
limping anymore and can do outside activities. When I feel that I am a little out, I just give Dr. Rodd a call and,
if needed, I get adjusted and I walk out of his office fine again. I continue to see Dr. Rodd on a monthly basis
until I can hold for longer periods. Although I am not in the perfect shape I want to be yet, I have faith that my
continue visits with Dr. Rodd will help me get there. I definitely have him to thank for.


I learned about NUCCA 18 months ago from my cousin Larry in Spokane, WA.  Larry told me he uses NUCCA
Chiropractic for his back and neck for the past 10 years.  I told Larry that my son John has tried 20 different
medical doctors and chiropractors with no results.  Larry said look up NUCCA on the internet.  John checked the
internet and found Rodd Bruntjen, DC at Mighty Oak Chiropractic.  John made an appointment and found
immediate relief.  John has made remarked recovery from a bad water skiing accident.  John kept telling me that
I and my wife should give Dr. Rodd a try.  We made an appointment and I had only one adjustment on May 13,
2007.  I had lower back and neck problems along with sciatica nerve down my right leg.  I no longer have any
problems.  My wife had three adjustments with the last adjustment in October of 2007.  She always had sinus
infections and needed antibiotics.  Since May 23rd, she has had no sinus infections and absolute relief.  We now
see Dr. Rodd every two months to make sure our bodies are still in balance.  I would recommend Mighty Oak
Chiropractic to anyone with physical health problems.     


A work colleague kindly offered to take me to her chiropractor after she heard I was having shoulder and arm
pain; gnawing pain that radiated from my back down through my elbow.  It was so incessant it made me want to
kill or cry or both.  I’d never been to a chiropractor and frankly had a fear that they’d actually do more harm
than good.  But I was pretty desperate- I’d been to my general practitioner who referred me to a specialist; I’d
even had a myellogram in a hospital to determine if I had some form of nerve damage.  Nothing seemed
promising as a cause or cure.
My workmate’s chiropractor practiced NUCCA.  My layperson’s take on the NUCCA theory is that if the atlas- the
top vertebra that connects the spine to the skull- was out of position, then all the bones of the spine below are
prone to be out of alignment- and more likely to pinch nerves causing the type of pain I had.  Fix the top one,
and the rest fall into line.  Adjust any kinks below the atlas only and the fix is very temporary.  It seemed like a
reasonable theory; however, I was really worried that the adjustment would involve some ratcheting of my
neck.  But doing something seemed better than nothing.  His office wasn’t close- about 40 miles away- but I
made an appointment.  
After some x-rays, I was positioned on my left side for the adjustment.  Truthfully, I was really nervous that it
would be painful or paralyzing.  Lying there thinking my irrational thoughts, I felt the chiropractor (Dr. Kerry
Johnson) barely touch my neck under my ear at an oblique angle.  He did this 4 or 5 times.  That was it.  “You’
ve got to be kidding me” was my first thought when he told me the adjustment was done.  How could
something so gentle and non-invasive do anything!
Amazingly, though, from that first appointment, the pain lessened.  I was told it would take a while for my body
to repair itself along the nerve path that had been compromised for so long.  Within a couple weeks, the pain
was completely gone- it hasn’t come back!  I’d become a believer.
When Dr. Rodd became a protégé of Dr. Johnson, I started seeing him.  Since I live in Saint Paul, I was thrilled
when Dr. Rodd subsequently opened a clinic in the Energy Park area.  Dr. Rodd is so meticulous and my atlas has
stayed in place for months after his adjustments.  I can usually tell when I am out of alignment not because of
pain but because I feel creaky.  And after I’m adjusted, I feel more energized and relaxed.  NUCCA chiropractic
through Mighty Oak has been one of the best health care decisions of my life.


My husband saw a local news story about 2 children who had abdominal problems and extreme pain that
medical doctors could not figure out.  Their parents decided to try NUCCA chiropractic to see if that would
help.  It did, the children were pain free and happy again.  My husband thought that the children’s problems
sounded a lot like mine and maybe I should try NUCCA chiropractic.
For years and years I had been suffering from severe abdominal pain and discomfort.  Things were not
functioning properly at all.  Through those years I went through many medical tests to try and locate the
problem.  They were never able to find any physical problem in my abdomen that would be causing my severe
pain.  Their response was “It must be a function problem, try eating more fiber.”  Well, that did not help and I
was very frustrated.  
I went to see Dr. Rodd Bruntjen to see if he could help with my abdominal problems and also the problems I had
been having with my neck, shoulders (extreme pain, tingling, numbness), lower back (muscle pain), and knees
(kept locking up).  After talking with me and looking at my x-rays of my head & neck, it was clear that my C1 or
atlas was not sitting the way it should be.  He adjusted the C1 (atlas) and within a week I started to notice a
change for the better.  Over the next couple of weeks my abdominal pain, after all those years, was finally
gone!!  It was absolutely wonderful.  Also my neck, shoulders, lower back, and yes even my knees (they haven’t
locked up once since my adjustment) were doing so much better.  I’m so thankful my husband saw that news
story and that there is NUCCA chiropractic, it has helped me so much.  I can live a normal life rather than being
stuck at home in bed and in pain.  My quality of life has greatly improved!!  Thank you Dr. Rodd!!!          

I have no “zero” neck pain- I had no idea what life is like without pain until seeing Dr. Rodd. I tell everyone I
know about this office.  I am very active and fitness is important to me, so feeling good and not having pain
while I’m exercising is a true miracle.  I feel fabulous.  I am working out with heavier weights than normal and
performing my aerobic routines are enjoyable now and I can do more rigorous routines.  God bless Dr. Rodd and


I heard about NUCCA Chiropractic from a good friend of mine who also has a success story to attribute to this
specific type of chiropractic, however for years I have continued with traditional chiropractors.  I finally reached
my breaking point after 4 months of acute, consistent headaches, neck aches, backaches and this constant feeling
that my head was too heavy for my neck.  I was referred to Mighty Oak through my friend who practices NUCCA
in Washington State and although unconvinced of some magical results, I decided that I couldn’t feel any worse
than I already did.  
I have been under chiropractic for over 10 years, treating neck problems due to car accidents and sports injuries.  
A few years ago I was in a bad car accident and suffered a severe lower back injury, limiting my physical activity
and hindering my ability to travel for work as much as it demands.  My overall health was negatively impacted
due to my frustration with my constant aches and pains, and my inability to be as active as I wanted to be.  I’m
in my 20’s-my body shouldn’t be feeling this old!
The results at Mighty Oak were nothing short of amazing.  Immediately after my first adjustment my headache
went away- the first moment without a headache in months was more than I ever expected from one
adjustment.  I could immediately feel my body responding in a positive way, working to correct itself after the
initial adjustment.  Over the next few weeks I was able to sleep better and actually wake up feeling refreshed, as
well as slowly start to enjoy working out and playing softball and volleyball again without the constant
neck/back discomfort.  With my physical health back on the right track, my friends and family could definitely
tell that I was in better spirits- like a burden had been lifted off me!
After receiving traditional chiropractic care a few times a month, on and off over the last 10 years, it is
impressive beyond belief that I have yet to be adjusted again and it’s been almost 4 months since my first visit.  
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Rodd Bruntjen and Mighty Oak Chiropractic to anyone experiencing pain or
discomfort, or anyone simply looking to experience the benefit of alignment before reaching the debilitating
threshold that I did.  NUCCA chiropractic care has allowed me to experience better health overall and for that,
after all the years of continued pain, I’m so thankful.


I first heard of Dr. Rodd and NUCCA Chiropractic when I attended a class he was giving on the subject.  
Everything he said about adjusting the atlas and everything else will follow just made so much sense.  I
wondered why there weren’t more NUCCA Chiropractors.  
I’ve had problems in the past where after doing a lot of physical work my lower back would just “lock up” and I
could hardly move.  My posture was not the greatest either and had been a concern for a while.  Even though
Dr. Rodd explained that the adjustments are so slight that it doesn’t feel like anything is happening I was still
surprised about how gentle the adjustments are.  I knew immediately that it had made a difference.  As soon as I
sat up my posture had been corrected.  It’s been great to walk tall and sit without being slouched.  More
importantly I can now do physical work without having the lower back problems.  I was feeling old before my
time but now I feel younger than I am!


I had been suffering from migraine headaches since I was in college and before finding Mighty Oak & Dr. Rodd
they were getting so severe that it wasn’t uncommon for me to have 2-3 migraines a week or one that lasted up
to 5 days.
I had tried various methods of treatment, medications and several screenings such as MRI & CAT scans.  Nothing
seemed to resolve the problem.
I heard about Dr. Rodd and Mighty Oak through my grandfather and father and they recommended NUCCA.  I
was skeptical at first but I was willing to give it a try.
My consultation and x-rays indicated that I was a prime candidate for NUCCA.  I was so surprised after my first
adjustment how one, it never hurt, and two, my migraines started going away.  I have been a patient now for
about three months and I would highly recommend NUCCA and those who suffer from migraines.  Not only are
they gone but my overall health & well being has improved significantly.
NUCCA is a life changing service and Dr. Rodd and Nedira are miracle workers.  Thank you so much.


Nearly five years ago a new acquaintance told me that after multiple tests which showed nothing, her severe
shoulder pain was relieved as soon as she started NUCCA chiropractic.
At that time I had chronic knee and intermittent low back pain.  I began NUCCA chiropractic, and after the first
adjustment – to my amazement – I left the office pain free.
I soon realized that as long as my spine stayed properly aligned, my jaw was comfortable.  When my spine was
not properly aligned, my jaw jutted forward and my teeth rubbed.  Quickly I learned to use the position of my
jaw as an indication of my alignment.  I also finally had an explanation of why during the earlier years – actually
decades – my teeth were worn thin and worn down.  

Despite a physically active life, my spine now holds its proper alignment for months giving me the ease, of
course, to continue the many physical activities I love.

My son began seeing Dr. Rodd in Rosemount.  We were referred by his grandmother.  He had ear infections.  It
seemed it would clear up for a week then have infection again.  He had tubes put in twice, still having
problems.  Since my son went to Dr. Rodd he has not had one ear infection.  
I also went to Dr. Rodd for stiffness in my neck-causing headaches.  I had a snowmobile accident when I was
young and I fractured my collar bone.  After adjustments from Dr. Rodd, I no longer suffer headaches or any
stiffness in my neck/back.  I never knew it was possible to feel this good.  I no longer take Advil or Aleve.  I used
to take it on a daily basis.


Dr. Rodd’s Comment
This boy first saw me when he was in preschool.  Because of his regular ear infections, his ability to hear
properly was affected and as a result his speech was affected too.  His parents enrolled him in a speech therapy
class.  After starting NUCCA care, his ear infections cleared up, never returned and within a few months speech
classes were cancelled.  Two years later, this boy is still holding his adjustment.  He went through the first grade
with perfect attendance!! His mom also reports that he can’t keep a book out of his hands.  What a change!!

I first met Nedira while I was a customer at a restaurant she was working for.  We’d become Wednesday night
regulars and she shared her future plans with us, these included her husband’s plan to open his own NUCCA
chiropractic office.  I had off & on back trouble following a 26 year career transporting injured patients to
hospitals and fighting fires.  I was suffering from numbness of my legs when I drove for more than an hour.  Ned
& Dr. Rodd opened their clinic and I thought I had nothing to lose so I went to see them.  My career forced me
to visit chiropractors in the past so I was a little taken a back by his approach and methods.  I was genuinely
pleased with the results.  
After the initial x-rays and evaluation I received my first “adjustment”.  No bending, no weird positions
assumed, and best of all no “cracking” sounds.  His approach was smooth, comfortable and best of all I felt the
leg numbness disappear as he was doing the adjustment.  It lasted for a couple of weeks, but since then I have
only needed an adjustment 3 times and its’ been over a year.  I wish I had met Ned & Dr. Rodd twenty years ago
because the quality of my life was greatly improved.  Thank you both very much.


I discovered NUCCA from a distant relative who also had neck problems.  I located Mighty Oak Chiropractic
from the NUCCA website and have been extremely happy with my care.  My neck has hurt since 1996.  I had a
bad waterskiing accident that year.  I have previously tried many other treatment options with no real results.  I
started with Dr. Bruntjen in May of 2006.  He first analyzed my neck x-rays and determined why my neck hurt so
much.  He than proceeded to find the best way to straighten out the problem.  
The approach was very scientific, which made me feel good.  The progress has been slow and steady.  I am now
in at least 50% less pain than I was back in May.  It took about 6 months to get to this point.  These adjustments
are the only thing that has truly helped my problem.  I expect to continue to get even better in the future as my
spine heals.  In the past 10 years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on other treatments that did not
work.  I would highly recommend Dr. Bruntjen and Mighty Oak Chiropractic to anyone with neck or back
problems.  I am available to talk with anyone who has questions or concerns about the process.  Thanks!


My life has been filled with neck and back pain despite the fact that I have been seeing a chiropractor for about
15-years, so I was somewhat skeptical when my friend told me about NUCCA Chiropractic and how much it had
helped her.  Despite my skepticism I decided to give it a try in April 2006.  I told the doctor about all of my
health problems headaches and neck pain everyday which I treated with my daily dose of ibuprofen, my nights
were restless I didn’t even know what a good nights sleep felt like, I was irritable and in pain constantly, it was
extremely uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time because I had a pinched nerve in my low back that
would send radiating pain into my legs.  The doctor told me that no one should have to experience that much
pain and that NUCCA would help me to have a better quality of life and I could start living with out pain.  Eight
months later my life is a thousand times better. I very rarely have headaches or neck pain.  My back is better and
sitting is no longer a problem.  I feel as if I have been miraculously cured thanks to Dr. Rodd and NUCCA


Hi, I am a Dental hygienist of 17 years with fibromyalgia.  I was telling one of my patients at the dental clinic
about my difficulties about my back & neck and how it was making my job difficult.  She began to tell me about
Dr. Rodd and Mighty Oak Chiropractic & how he did a gentle correction rather than the cracking and crunching
type.  She shared how much it had helped her & highly recommended that I try it.  Thank God that I went.  I
told the doctor that I would probably need to quit my job and go back to school.  He was very hopeful &
encouraged me to give it some time.  1-2 weeks after being put back in balance- I felt so much improvement.  
The tightness in my shoulders was so much better.  I can usually tell when I’m out of alignment now & will
continue to receive care at Mighty Oak.  Thanks So Much for saving my career Mighty Oak!

I was actually referred to The Mighty Oak by a neighbor for my 11 year old son.  Visually you could see that he
did not stand straight.  During the course of being educated on his status, I decided to try this myself.  I was in a
snowmobile accident 3 years ago and have suffered continued lower back pain since.
I have undergone several medical treatment options, including spinal injections and physical therapy.  All with
little to no long term effects.  The lower back pain I was experiencing changed my lifestyle by limiting my
physical activities.  I was a runner and a basketball player among other things.  I have been getting adjusted by
Dr. Rodd for about 3 months now and almost immediately noticed differences starting with being able to sleep
at night with no pain.  I continue to improve with each adjustment and recently played basketball with my
daughter for the first time in 3 years.  I feel like I have my life back thanks to Dr. Rodd.  I would highly
recommend this form of care to anyone who suffers from any level of back pain.


When I first came to see Dr. Rodd I had had a numb right arm and tingly finger for about six months.  I had been
to a neurologist and he sent me to physical therapy.  Nothing helped.  My arm felt like it would fall off.  I
started seeing Dr. Rodd.  After several weeks of seeing Dr. Rodd my right arm felt normal again.  The feeling that
I had a tourniquet around my arm was gone.  I also had an incredibly painful right hip.  I went to my regular
internist and to a neurologist.  I was told I had arthritis and bursitis in my hip.  In the beginning one pain pill
helped – then two and just before I went to see Dr. Rodd I was taking two in the morning and two at night.  For
the first time in 4 or 5 days and after two or three visits I was pain free for three straight days.  It was
wonderful.  I still go back for adjustments but now I know he is helping me get better.  Thank you, thank you,
thank you!!


I was under chiropractic care eight years previous to NUCCA, in that time only experiencing temporary results.  I
was aligned by Dr. Rodd in January 2002 and it literally changed my life.  My lower back pain was totally gone,
but also I noticed other changes.  My sinuses cleared up and my energy level increased dramatically.  My blurred
vision cleared up and even my calf muscle cramps went away.  Thank you!