During the first visit, you will receive an initial consultation and a chiropractic
assessment.  Once signs of the subluxation process are identified, 3 NUCCA X-rays are taken
to precisely determine your misalignment.  Unless special considerations apply, there is no
adjusting performed  on the first day.  This is because it takes 30-60 minutes to analyze the x-rays,
all of which is done after hours.  

The second visit is the day of the first adjustment.  First you will receive a chiropractic orientation,
and an x-ray review.  After the NUCCA adjustment, 2 x-rays will be taken to ensure
the correction went as planned.  [No guesswork accepted!]  Generally it is only after the first
adjustment that additional x-rays are taken.  

THE THIRD VISIT - 30 Minutes
During this visit you will be checked and adjusted if necessary.  You will be shown the follow-up
x-rays and we will recommend a program to begin the initial clearing phase of the adjustment process.
  (see below)

FOLLOWING VISITS - 10 to 15 Minutes
On each following visit, you will be checked to determine whether or not you are "clear" (still
holding your adjustment) or "subluxated" (in need of an adjustment).  Additional information will
be provided on the process of healing as it relates to you.  As your nerve system and spine heal,
you will graduate to the wellness development phase. (see below)
The first thing to know about moving towards improved life expression and
wellness is that

The moment a spinal subluxation (nerve irritation due to misalignment) occurs,
it begins a downward spiral that constantly moves you away from wellness and
will continue unless it is corrected by the chiropractic adjustment process.

Combined physical, chemical and emotional stresses to your body over the years
take their toll and it takes time for your body to undo the effects of these.  Think of it like a
train with multiple boxcars heading in the wrong direction.  Even when the operator hits the brakes,
it takes time to slow the train.  Then when the train has finally stopped heading in the wrong
direction, it can then begin to slowly move in the right direction.

Unlike the train, though, once your body begins to move in the right direction towards wellness-
there is no "end" to how far your body can go! When your inborn intelligence is in full control
and there is no nerve interference, your body will constantly be approaching your full potential.


This is where the chiropractic adjustment process begins.  The initial goal is to get and keep your
subluxations eliminated.  This is called the Initial Clearing Phase.  This does take some time and is
the reason for more frequent visits at the beginning.  

Think of this like putting braces on crooked teeth.  Only when the braces are put on does the
process of teeth straightening begin.  Anyone who has had braces will know that it takes time
for the teeth to get used to the correct position.  Then once they have stayed on long enough
the braces come off.  Does that mean the person then never goes to the dentist? Of course not!
Then they go to ensure the teeth stay straight and healthy.

Your spine does heal like this.  It has been used to a subluxated (misaligned) position for perhaps
years.  Once the adjustment process begins, your spine literally needs to get used to a new position.
This takes time and once it has stabilized, then does that mean one never again sees a chiropractor?
Again, of course not! The initial clearing phase is like the train slowing down and stopping
movement in the wrong direction.  


NOW your body can begin to move in the RIGHT direction.
This begins the process of wellness development.  It is during this phase that we do
check people on a frequency dependant on how long their adjustment "holds".  
For some people wellness visits are necessary every few weeks because of the
accumulated effects of the subluxation process.  For others, it is monthly.  

Our job is to locate and keep your subluxations corrected.
Your job to minimize physical, chemical and emotional stresses so that
your adjustments hold as long as possible!

Remember that the health of you and your family is an investment!  
The wellness development phase is important in keeping people progressively
moving toward their inborn potential for optimum health.