"mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow"
   ~Greek Proverb
The name Mighty Oak Chiropractic comes from the Greek proverb "mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow".  
We have chosen this name because we see the development of a small seed to a grand oak tree as being
similar to the growth of a person.  Acorns and people have the internal makings to develop into their
full potential.  They both have certain requirements, such as air, water, nutrients and one other thing -
NO INTERFERENCE with the development process.

Your nerve system coordinates all your body functions.  If this master control is
interfered with (by spinal misalignment), then one cannot reach their inborn potential for
wellness.  However by ensuring that your nerve system functions properly, you will "grow"
towards your fullest potential which automatically brings with it better health!
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