The name of the adjusting technique utilized by Dr. Rodd is known as NUCCA.  The word cervical
is the latin name for neck.  It is a more recent innovation in the art of spinal adjusting and as a
result has been learned by only a few hundred chiropractors in the whole world.  In fact, there are
only five out of over 2000 Chiropractors in Minnesota who practice this procedure.  It is not
uncommon for people to drive hours one way to have this type of chiropractic!

First, it is important to explain more about how your spine works.

Your brainstem is a very vital part of your brain and nerve system.  It is located at the very base
of your brain just inside your skull.  It becomes spinal cord at the very top of your spine.  Among
its duties are master control of heart rate, breathing, digestion and relaying ALL nerve messages
passing up and down between your brain and body.  In addition, your brainstem controls the
muscles running down both sides of your spine.  
When your head and neck are in proper position,
the brainstem messages to the muscles on both
sides are equal.  This results in:

Level pelvis
Level shoulders
An aligned spine

Most importantly! - when the bones of your spine
line up then the HOLES in the sides of the spine
line up and the nerves passing through are not
irritated.  Nerve communication is not interfered
with, and your body functions better.  
Physical forces that happen to us from very early in
childhood, through the teen years and into
adulthood create the situation you see at left.  The
head and neck are misaligned and this causes
irritation to the brainstem and unequal messages
are sent to the muscles on the sides of the spine.  
This results in:

Unlevel Pelvis
Unlevel Shoulders
Spinal Subluxation
(nerve interference due to misalignment)
Effects of which are:
1.  Body dysfunction
2.  Structural deterioration
The damaging effects to your body function and structure CANNOT BE OVERSTATED!!!!
It is obvious to see which of the pictures above is going to
result in a person moving towards optimum health or away from it!
Correcting Spinal Subluxation
(nerve irritation due to misalignment)

The goal of all chiropractors is to improve nerve communication by adjusting spinal misalignment.  
NUCCA Chiropractic aims to correct your spine by focusing on the area where the misalignment
started - at the head and the neck.   

We take extremely precise 3- D x-rays of your head and neck which shows exactly how this area
has lost proper position.  Then we are able to calculate a specific adjustment tailored to you.  

Not only is the NUCCA adjustment extremely precise, it uses the least force of any chiropractic
technique.  A very light pressure is all that is felt!